Hi, I'm Sharon

Coach-Mentor, and mother of 9 children.

I began my journey with developmental trauma disorder – DTD, also known as reactive attachment disorder or RAD, when my husband and I first adopted in 2005. I am a mom to nine children, six biological and three who were added to our family through adoption. I am also the founder of The Attachment Place, LLC (TAP).

When confronting the effects of the trauma our adopted children had endured I realized we were ill-prepared to parent them and for the impact their trauma would have on our entire family. So I embarked on a journey to gain understanding and education on the ramifications of trauma on children with abandonment wounding that stems from their family of origin.

As my knowledge and understanding of trauma and attachment challenges grew, through trying various methods, I developed an approach that is effective in breaking down walls and reaching the hearts of children with trauma histories and attachment challenges.

The History of the Attachment Place

The Attachment Place was born out of my passion for helping adopted children and families so that they didn’t have to continue to suffer and feel isolated and alone. I realized that by providing the proper help and support, children and families could begin to hope and heal. TAP, formally a therapeutic respite home, provided short and long-term respite to children struggling to trust and attach to their parents. 

TAP housed and helped close to one hundred children and their families between 2012 and 2019. The TAP team and I were successful at getting the children in the program (93%) transitioned successfully home as enjoyable, functioning family members who were able to trust, and attach to their parents.

At the end of 2019, TAP had a business pivot. TAP now offers my transformational parenting program, Calming the Chaos: Transforming Your Parenting of Your Adopted or Otherwise Traumatized Child. It combines my knowledge and successful strategies which I have developed into a highly effective system called the Environment Matrix. 

Offering Practical Assistance

In Your Parenting Journey

Hear from the Parents

How having a coach is helping them succeed.

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"Sharon has the unique ability to speak with understanding into both my experience as an adoptive mother, and the experience of my daughter as an adopted child. Sharon is a fantastic mentor and coach. Unreservedly, and with the utmost gratitude for the help she has given our family, I recommend her services."
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"Throughout my life I have struggled with accepting any kind of help and love from anyone. Ms. Sharon shows me unconditional love and extreme patience, first in her respite program TAP and now continuing as my coach-mentor. Although I am still learning to accept help and love from others, I cannot thank Ms. Sharon enough for how her open arms have changed and are changing my life and the relationships with my family."
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"In our coaching sessions we gain deeper insight into our son’s needs so that we can provide accountability and structure within our home. When times are frustrating, Sharon provides a safe place for us to feel 'heard'. This has been invaluable since feeling validated and understood is foundational to family life. Sharon is there for us, as we gain increasing pleasure and satisfaction in our roles as parents."

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Calming the Chaos was designed to help parents of adopted children learn to be the calming force in their family to help build trust, which is the foundation of secure attachments. Watch my webinar to learn new strategies you can begin using today.