The Attachment Place
Help, Hope, and Healing for Struggling Families.
The Attachment Place
Help, Hope, and Healing for Struggling Families.
The Attachment Place
Help, Hope, and Healing for Struggling Families.
The Attachment Place
Help, Hope, and Healing for Struggling Families.

Welcome to The Attachment Place

Offering Practical Assistance in Your Parenting Journey

The Attachment Place (TAP) exists to provide training, guidance, and support to parents of children with trauma histories and attachment difficulties who are struggling to cope and parent effectively. TAP provides practical solutions to your most difficult parenting challenges.

TAP's Approach

The Attachment Place – TAP offers attachment-focused, trauma-informed services, including training, education, and coaching drawn from 16 years of personal and professional lived experience. Sharon Fuller and her husband adopted for the first time in 2005 and then added two more children to their family through adoption in 2006. They also lived with approximately 100 clients with trauma histories, attachment challenges, multiple mental health diagnoses, and disorders, including fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) for in-home respite from 2012 – 2019. While the children, teens, and young adults were in their respite program, Sharon coached their parents and worked with their siblings and other family members to provide understanding, guidance, and support. TAP had a 93% success rate of transitioning clients home as individuals who knew how to have healthier relationships with their families and peers. 

Sharon excels at helping parents and their children learn to communicate, build trust, and have meaningful relationships. Sharon’s approach comprises years of training and living with attachment-challenged and traumatized individuals and working with them and their parents and families. Sharon is a TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention) trained professional. Her expertise is helping parents learn to parent with confidence and calm to foster connection. Additionally, assisting individuals with behavioral challenges, attachment disturbance, and various disorders get to the root of their struggles and create new strategies to become the best they can be.

In Depth Parenting Course -

Calming the Chaos: Transforming Your Parenting of Your Adopted or Otherwise Traumatized Child

Designed for parents who feel like their child’s trauma and attachment challenges have hijacked their life and family, are frustrated and overwhelmed, are having trouble understanding and connecting with their child, can’t find strategies that work, or feel like they are not the parent(s) they want to be. It is a nine-week course created to help parents who are struggling and are serious about making a change in themselves and their families. Parents will learn how to create calm and parent with confidence to foster connection with their child with a trauma history. They will learn about attachment styles, how trauma affects their child’s brain and behaviors, secondary trauma’s effects on parents and family, and how to find peace within to become the parent(s) they envisioned prior to adoption.

Parent and Family Coaching

Group coaching as well as individual coaching are offered to parents who are enrolled in TAP’s parenting course.


Sharon Fuller

Sharon Fuller is a coach–mentor. She began her journey with developmental trauma disorder – DTD, formerly known as reactive attachment disorder or RAD, sixteen years ago when she and her husband first adopted.

At the time, they had six biological children and no knowledge of early childhood trauma or how the adoption experience would literally change the course of their lives. As a result of the early childhood trauma and institutional living that their adopted children endured, adoption took their family into the world of attachment challenges, PTSD, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder – FASD, and related behavioral issues. These diagnoses and related behaviors drove Sharon into research and getting educated on trauma, attachment and FASD. As Sharon learned about how trauma affects the brain and behaviors and how to parent her children with these challenges, a passion grew in her to help other families struggling with these same issues. She grew in her expertise and has developed a method of how to best help children from difficult places and their parents and families.


About the Attachment Place

The Attachment Place, LLC (TAP) was started out of this passion to help other adopted children and families so that they didn’t have to feel isolated and alone and could begin to hope and heal. TAP, formally a therapeutic respite home founded by Sharon provided short and long-term respite to children who were struggling to trust and attach to their parents. TAP housed and helped close to one hundred children and their families between 2012 and 2019. In November 2019 TAP had a business pivot. Although TAP’s focus is no longer respite, Sharon currently provides training, guidance and support for
parents and families through her parenting course, Quieting the Chaos, which
includes individual coaching. 

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