Parenting Program:

Calming the Chaos: Transforming Your Parenting of Your Adopted or Otherwise Traumatized Child

My parenting program, Calming the Chaos: Transforming Your Parenting of Your Adopted or Otherwise Traumatized Child was born out of years of experience, both personally and professionally, living and working with traumatized children and helping their families. This comprehensive program was created for parents who are ready for a breakthrough in the way they see and relate to themselves and their children. It is for those who are serious about gaining lifechanging insights and tools and stopping old patterns to change the trajectory of their family.

If you are ready to let go of guilt and frustration that has you stuck and learn to appreciate yourself and see your child in a different light, are needing a program that teaches strategies for lasting change from someone who has lived experience rather than just textbook knowledge, are needing help and guidance for your particular family and situation, and are wanting to connect with others walking similar journeys, then this program is for you.

In this program parents learn how to create calm, parent with confidence, and foster connection with their child with a trauma history. It contains my highly effective system the Environment Matrix. 

Calming the Chaos Parenting Program

Designed for parents who feel like their child’s trauma and attachment challenges have hijacked their life and family, are frustrated and overwhelmed, are having trouble understanding and connecting with their child, can’t find strategies that work, or feel like they are not the parent(s) they want to be. 

It is an eleven-week program created to fast track parents who are struggling and are serious about making a change in themselves and their families. Parents will learn about attachment styles, how trauma affects their child’s brain and behaviors, secondary trauma’s effects on parents and family, and how to find peace within to become the parent(s) they envisioned prior to adoption.

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Learn how Calming the Chaos is transforming my clients’ lives and families.

"Working with Sharon has definitely changed our lives for the better. We have the tools to control our internal and external environment and create a calm space for our adopted and biological children."
"It was such a RELIEF to find Sharon at The Attachment Place... the program's biggest value is that its lessons, reflections, and methods come from hard-won experiences working with real kids in real situations over time."
"This program and personal coaching has been the best parenting class that we have EVER participated in.. It is the best money we've ever spent. This is not a fast road to calm in the home, but steady growth can be seen with time and personal commitment."

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Calming the Chaos was designed to help parents of adopted children learn to be the calming force in their family to help build trust, which is the foundation of secure attachments. Watch my webinar to learn new strategies you can begin using today.