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The Attachment Place: Our Services

At The Attachment Place, we offer a program that includes parent coaching/mentoring, short and long term respite care, in-home services, tools, techniques, and guidance that will help you provide the type of home environment required for your child to heal.

We can assist in finding an attachment therapist and educating teachers, therapists, friends, and family members about the difficult challenges of parenting an unattached child.


Our respite program is designed to help children who have difficulty regulating their emotions and behaviors because of attachment issues. The intervention addresses the child’s desire to control his surroundings and interactions with others. Therapeutic respite targets the child’s inability to trust, by helping him drop defenses that keep him from changing. Using a variety of therapeutic techniques, we create a safe environment where the child learns to identify and get in touch with his feelings, usually for the first time in his life. As he begins to express and verbalize his feelings, the parent gains an understanding of what lies behind his behaviors. A one-hour coaching session for the parent is provided at the close of a respite stay. If desired, we can also follow-up by phone with your child’s therapist.


During parent coaching sessions, you will receive instruction in the four basic steps to forming a healthy connection with your child: nurturing, becoming aware of feelings, regaining control of your home, and learning to experience fun and enjoyment with your child.


If you are interested in seeing what your child will experience during her respite stay or need more instruction in how to work with your child, and wanting to observe during her respite stay, you can come shadow for a day. This will be a time for you to observe, and write down any questions you might have. There will be time reserved for questions to be answered.


This phase of the program takes place in your home so that methods taught to you and your child during his respite stay, and the following parent coaching session can be implemented in the child’s natural environment. This is a time to focus on you and to explore how this journey with your child is affecting you and your family. We will also work with the child’s siblings, providing every person with strategies for working with their RAD family member. We focus on how the child pushes your buttons and how that affects your reactions, so you can learn how to respond differently. The goal is to help you gain the insight and confidence you need to create a safe home environment where your family can heal from the trauma that comes from living with a child who has attachment problems.

We are not licensed therapists and the information we provide is not intended to diagnose any mental or physical condition. Instead, we are professional respite providers and parent coaches, providing help and support to families in need. Our advice may not necessarily be appropriate for your situation and should be discussed with your family’s professional healthcare provider.

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