Understanding Your Child

Redefining Normal

You would be surprised by the things families get used to and consider “normal”, or maybe you wouldn’t. Two-hour meltdowns, kids who only eat two kinds of food and refuse everything else, kids who spit on their caretakers, curse at them, throw things at them, refuse to talk to them for days on end…you get the picture. You might ask, “How does this happen?”. The answer is simple: slowly, over time.

Do you remember being in science class and hearing about the frog who dies in hot water by being boiled alive? It sounds ridiculous; why doesn’t he just jump out? Because he doesn’t realize it’s happening. The water temperature is turned up so slowly and incrementally he doesn’t realize how hot it’s getting until, BAM, he’s dead.

The same is true of many of the families we work with. It is understandable how it happens; mom and dad need to get the child out the door to school and get to work, the child needs to get to bed because it’s getting late, dinner is taking forever, people really can’t endure ONE MORE FIT!!! It gets to be too much, and before you know it, the whole family is walking on eggshells trying to keep the child as stable as possible. The whole family system becomes dysfunctional, all the while trying to keep things “normal”. They don’t realize that they have redefined normal. Things they would never have imagined living with years prior have become everyday life now.

If you recognize your family in the above description, we have good news: things don’t have to be like this. There is hope, and we can help. Get in touch with Sharon Fuller at or call (410) 707-5008 to discuss your options for reclaiming normal in your home.

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