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Why Use Therapeutic Respite?

Raising a child with attachment challenges can be taxing on the entire family. Parents and other family members often don’t get breaks, so they may feel drained in the face of the many challenges of raising an emotionally-detached child.

The Benefits of Therapeutic Respite

Families are often referred to us by their therapist when it becomes clear that weekly visits are not enough for the child and family living with attachment issues. Respite provides the child with an intensive therapeutic environment in which to learn and heal. This separation allows parents to recreate a healthy home environment which will help facilitate healing for their attachment challenged child and the entire family.

Our Program

We offer short-term and long-term therapeutic respite. Our program is based largely on Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI). Children with attachment difficulties suffer from constant fear as a result of past trauma. This constant state of fight or flight makes it very difficult for them to feel safe, which is what results in reactive behaviors, distrust of authority figures, and difficulty forming lasting, trust-based relationships. This is why we focus on creating an environment where the child feels safe. After the child is comfortable, we can work with them to identify and mitigate the root of their behavioral issues.

During our program, we work directly with children with RAD/DTD to accomplish many goals, including:

  • Identifying and talking about emotions.
  • Learning how past trauma affects current behaviors.
  • Utilizing positive coping skills.
  • Getting out of the rut of repetitive negative behaviors.
  • Learning how to attach with their parents.

We also work with parents, family members, and the child’s therapist to help cultivate a home environment where the child feels safe and to help set and accomplish goals. Children and parents learn new techniques for building healthy, trust-based relationships. We help your child learn to become a productive family member and give the family the tools they need to create an environment where all family members can thrive.

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