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Therapeutic Respite Vs. Residential Treatment Centers

At The Attachment Place, we teach attachment challenged children, teens, and young adults how to be productive family members. We work together and play together in a family type setting. Your child moves from a home environment to a home environment, then back to their own home environment, using a proven reintegration process.

While residential treatment centers have rotating staff, at TAP we have a primary attachment figure who is living with the children on a regular basis. It is easier for children to feel safe and learn to trust when they have one primary attachment figure. In addition, each client has a program which is custom tailored to his or her individual and family’s needs; not a one size fits all approach.

We teach adaptive living skills such as maintaining one’s own living space, doing daily chores, learning to cook, and doing laundry. Adding these skills to the others we focus on such as self-regulation, talking about and managing feelings, social skills and conflict resolution help form a well-rounded individual who is prepared to return to their family as a successful family member.