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Sarah’s Story

My daughter entered The Attachment Place March 2013 and remained in the program through July 2013 due to her inability to appropriately function in our home, school, and community. As a Russian adoptee who was institutionalized for the first 4 1⁄2 years of her early life, she has Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder RAD, PTSD, anxiety, impulsivity, failure to thrive and a myriad of other behavioral and learning disabilities.

At the time of her placement, she was chronically dysregulated, exhibited inappropriate, impulsive, maladaptive, manipulative, angry, defiant behaviors. She was self-centered and jealous of her intellectually impaired younger brother, always vying for control of situations by pretending to be impaired. She was unable and unwilling to cooperate, often disruptive and behaved well below her chronological age. Because of The Attachment Place, we have seen a transformation from the behaviors described above to a calm, regulated, well behaved 15-year-old teen. At home, she works hard to be a contributing family member. She helps with cleaning and household chores. She cares about her family and wants to be a good person. At school, she no longer needs a Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP). She is thriving, exhibiting mostly appropriate behaviors and continues to earn straight A’s. While she still struggles with some maladaptive thoughts and behaviors due to her disability, with a reminder, she can usually get back on track. She stays at The Attachment Place on weekends, school breaks and during part of the summer. Sharon and Ed Fuller have done an incredible job with my daughter in their invaluable program.

*Names changed for confidentiality purposes, but are available upon request for prospective clients.