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On Premise Education

While in our respite program, children receive on-premise education in the form of one-on-one and group tutoring with a certified teacher who visits several times a week. This ensures that children can stay on top of their education while in a safe, therapeutic environment.

Cheryl Gardner-Crawley, B.A., is a full-time tutor and educator with experience as a Teacher’s Assistant and Special Educator at Kennedy Krieger’s day school. She works with children of all grade levels and is able to assess what level the child is at and then tailor the curriculum to meet the child’s needs.

On-premise education ensures that the children in the program are able to focus on therapy goals while also receiving an education. Working on education in a specialized environment is very different from the distractions often present in a traditional school environment. Not only does your child focus on behavioral goals but they may also perform better academic work in a less stimulating setting.

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