The Attachment Place
Help, Hope, and Healing for Struggling Families.
The Attachment Place
Help, Hope, and Healing for Struggling Families.
The Attachment Place
Help, Hope, and Healing for Struggling Families.
The Attachment Place
Help, Hope, and Healing for Struggling Families.

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Offering Practical Assistance in Your Parenting Journey

The Attachment Place (TAP) was founded to provide help and support for children, pre-teens, teens, and young adults who exhibit difficult and/or destructive behaviors that inhibit their relationships with those around them. TAP addresses each situation with a tailored approach and specializes in three primary areas:

Primary Services

Parent, Child and Family Coaching

Help creating a safe space for voices to be heard, training in therapeutic parenting techniques, and assistance creating structure and accountability. In addition, TAP works with extended family and family friends to build understanding and a support system.

In-Home Services

Provides a look at the child and family in their, environment over several days. This allows family dynamics and environmental triggers to be assessed and addressed and strategies to be developed and applied with the guidance of an in-home coach in real-time.

RTC Transitional Services

With TAP’s RTC (Residential Treatment Center) Transitional Services are for children who have successfully finished a residential program and are transitioning home. These services are designed to help the child continue their success at home.

Additional Services

Therapeutic Mentoring

Attending School Meetings

Attending Therapy Sessions

Training and Workshops


Sharon Fuller

Sharon Fuller began her journey with developmental trauma disorder (DTD), and reactive attachment disorder (RAD) fifteen years ago when she and her husband first adopted. At the time, they had six biological children and no knowledge of early childhood trauma or how the adoption experience would literally change the course of their lives. As a result of the early childhood trauma and institutional living that their adopted children endured, adoption took their family into the world of attachment challenges, PTSD, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) and a variety of other disorders. These diagnoses and related behaviors drove Sharon into research and education which led to her becoming an expert in how to best help children from difficult places. As she began to understand more about how trauma affects the brain and behaviors and how to help her children with these challenges, a passion grew in her to help other families struggling with these same issues.


About the Attachment Place

The Attachment Place, LLC (TAP) was started out of this passion to help other adopted children and families so that they didn’t have to feel isolated and alone and could begin to hope and heal. TAP, formally a therapeutic respite home founded by Sharon provided short and long-term respite to children who were struggling to trust and attach to their parents. TAP housed and helped close to one hundred children and their families between 2012 and 2019. In November 2019 TAP had a business pivot. Although TAP’s focus is no longer respite, Sharon currently uses her expertise to provide individual, parent and family coaching, mentoring, in-home services and residential treatment center transitional services as well as workshops and trainings.  

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