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Adoption Dissolution

Our goal at The Attachment Place is to facilitate the healing of children and the reunification of the child with their current family. Although that is the end we work towards, we know that for various reasons this is sometimes not possible.

Since this is not always able to happen, we still work with the child on healing his or her past, forming an attachment, and learning how to live in a family and be a productive family member. This will prepare the child for family life, no matter what family they will eventually be a part of. We also work with the new family to help them understand the child’s attachment issues. We have sessions with the child and new family to help his or her transition be a success. Sharon works to transfer the bond the child has made with her to the new mother. In-home sessions are also recommended once the child is in their new home. In addition, we help the current mom and family work through their very difficult emotions involved in relinquishing a child.

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