TAP's Approach

The Attachment Place offers trauma informed services including guidance, education, and resources drawn from years of training, as well as lived experience from having approximately 100 clients for in-home respite.  Sharon’s approach is comprised of her TBRI Professional training and her 15 years of living and working with attachment challenged and traumatized individuals and ongoing education. Additionally, our focus is on helping individuals with behavioral challenges and a variety of disorders get to the root of the issues and create new strategies for success.

Parent, Child and Family Coaching

This service provides a safe space to be heard and understood as well as practical strategies in therapeutic parenting, self-regulation, creating and maintaining structure, accountability, and offers insightful feedback to help you and your family start, and continue gaining momentum. In addition, TAP works with extended family members to help them understand the unique challenges of parenting children who have been impacted by trauma or who are currently facing struggles that feel too big. This enables extended family members to provide the much needed support for the immediate family.

In-Home Services

This service provides a look at the child and family in their environment over several days (typically 2 – 4 days). This allows family dynamics and environmental triggers to be assessed and addressed and methods to be developed and applied with the guidance of an in-home coach in real-time. While in your home, the coach assesses problem areas, provides strategies, models them, then steps back and allows parents to implement them. Feedback and guidance are then provided.

RTC Transitional Services

This service provides assistance to children transitioning home from a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) after successful completion of the program. This service is comprised of pre and post transitional services to help make the transition more seamless for both children and families. Having an effective transition program helped contribute to the 93% success rate of TAP’s respite program. These comprehensive services are offered as a package or individually.


Therapeutic Mentoring

This service provides one-on-one outings for your child with a therapeutic mentor in a non-threatening environment such as the mall or a cafe. This venue can allow a child to open up about issues they may not usually feel comfortable talking about in a more formal environment such as a therapist’s office, or with mom or dad. It also gets your child out of the house and provides opportunities to work on socially appropriate behaviors while giving the primary caregivers a break.

Attending School Meetings

This service is to help educate your child’s team at school about his/her needs and how to help achieve success at school while also supporting and working with the family. This is an important resource to provide a unified team.

Attending Therapy Sessions

Collaboration with the child or family’s therapist can be very helpful in providing the therapist with understanding the coach/mentor has gained from working closely with the family. Additionally, the therapist can provide the coach/mentor with additional insights for use when supporting the family. 


TAP conducts workshops for mental health professionals, parents, teachers, support groups etc. TAP lends our unique perspective both as parents and care providers and can help bridge the gap between those who live the experience and other adults on their team. 

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